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Caring for the Professional Caregiver

The results are in! Don't wait, take advantage
of this limited time only NO COST program and reduce burnout in your health care teams. 
In our pilot programs, 100% of participants agreed that this program is effective at addressing professional feelings of burnout and compassion fatigue. 70% completed their identified SMART goal throughout the course of the program. 100% learned at least 1 new coping skill. 


Patient and Nurse

We can accommodate any team size and have flexible scheduling and program options to fit any work environment. In-person, digital, audio recordings and printed program booklets are all available options.

By signing up your team(s) you will gain access to:
A no cost program led by a licensed professional certified in compassion fatigue that will address key elements of a healthy lifestyle, positive coping techniques and processing aspects of being a professional caregiver. 
The program is broken up into 6 modules with opportunities for individual support, check-ins, bonus content and incentives along the way.

The 6 modules are:
1. Self-care strategies and setting program goals
2. Burnout & Compassion Fatigue
3. Stress, Mindfulness & Affirmations
4. Physical Health (exercise & nutrition)
5. Work-life Balance
6. Positive Work Culture
We are passionate about taking care of the individuals that take care of our participants. By offering health care systems the opportunity to jump start lasting change, we can positively impact the well-being of their support staff, physicians and nurses. Long term, this will directly impact the overall well-being of their staff, hospital culture and patient satisfaction
If you are interested in providing this critical program at your medical facility, please contact Kathleen Daly via email or by phone at 708-798-9171 x 209.

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