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CSC at School

CSC at School 

Why are we providing school-based support?  

Finances, transportation, and unpredictable changes to schedules can push counseling and other supportive services to the bottom of the to do list for families impacted by cancer. We hope by providing options for students to receive FREE support at their school that we can help to remove some of the barriers to support and help students impacted by cancer thrive during a difficult time. 

Who are these services free to? 

​Any person impacted by cancer. This includes students with cancer, with a family member or close friend with cancer, or who has lost a loved one to cancer. 

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CSC at School Services 

Individual Support at School 

The Cancer Support Center is able to offer individual counseling and art therapy to students impacted by cancer at your school, virtually, or in one of our offices. 

School Support Groups & Art Therapy 

Qualified Cancer Support Center clinician(s) will provide a space to support a group of students impacted by cancer utilizing structured topics and art therapy to process their cancer related issues in an expressive and age appropriate manner. The groups aim to educate and create connections between students to decrease feelings of isolation, frustration, and fear of the unknown frequently associated with a cancer diagnosis.  Students eligible to join the groups include students with a cancer diagnosis, students with a family member with a cancer diagnosis, or students who have lost someone to a cancer diagnosis.  

*Groups can be held virtually or in person at your school and are adapted to fit the age level of your students 

School Workshops

In this one day workshops, qualified Cancer Support Center clinician(s) will provide a supportive, interactive, educational workshop for students impacted by cancer. Students will have the opportunity to engage in interactive activities to form supportive connections to one another and normalize the abnormal experiences unique to cancer in the family. 

*Workshop for Students impacted by cancer  

*Grief Workshop for Students who have lost a loved one to cancer 

In this one day, grief specific workshop, facilitated by qualified clinician(s), students will have the opportunity to connect to one another while learning about “normal” symptoms of grief and ways to express their grief in healthy ways.  

Staff Training and Workshops 

Staff trainings and workshops are offered to fit the need(s) for staff at your school. Our qualified clinician(s) will present educational materials on how to manage cancer related issues in your classroom and some best practices on supporting a student impacted by cancer.  

Trainings include, but are not limited to: 

  • Managing Cancer in the Classroom: supportive strategies to navigate cancer and it’s impact on students and teaches 

  • Anticipatory grief of a student or staff member from cancer 

  • Grief in the classroom: loss of a classmate from cancer 

  • Memorial: Students and staffs are invited to create a collaborative memorial for the loss of a fellow student or coworker, facilitated by an art therapist. 

For inquiries about any of our CSC at School services please contact or call 708-798-9171 and ask for Kelly   

Let's walk this journey together.

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