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All of our services are offered for FREE to any person impacted by cancer. 

Child, Teen, and Family Programming 

Counseling & Art Therapy  

Support Groups  

Fun & Supportive
Special Events 

- Child & Teen Counseling 

- Family Counseling 

- Bereavement Counseling  

- Individual and Family Art Therapy - Art Therapy Memorial Sessions: Family members are invited in together to make art in memory of the loved one they lost to cancer with a qualified Art Therapist.

Counseling and support groups at school 

*All counseling services are provided in person OR virtually. Please call either location or email to register.

- Kids Group & Parent Meetup: Tuesdays in October and November from 4-5PM in Mokena.

Join us for our 6-week group for children aged 5-12 impacted by cancer. This group will provide a space to support children impacted by cancer by utilizing structured topics and art therapy to process their cancer related issues in an expressive and age-appropriate manner. The groups aim to educate and create connections between children to decrease feelings of isolation, frustration, and fear of the unknown frequently associated with a cancer diagnosis. Parents and Guardians are invited to Enjoy light refreshments and networking with one another in a separate space while the kids meet.  

*Please Email or call 708-478-3529 for more information or to register  

- Teen Group 

*Please email to inquire when our next teen group will be in session  

- Kids Camp: 

Summer and Winter Break 

We offer fun, supportive camps for children aged 5-12 over the summer and over winter break. Check back for the dates of our next camp! Please email to be added to our kids camp email list.  

- Field Trip Fun 

We offer one day fun fieldtrip events for families to make connections with other families and have fun. Please check back for when our next field trip will be! Please email to be added to our kids camp email list. 

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