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Programs & Resources

Five-Point Model Programs

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Whether you are an individual with cancer, a caregiver, friend, or someone who has lost a loved one to cancer, The Cancer Support Center is here for you and offers a wide array of programming to meet your needs. We offer programs for children, teens, and adults. If you're age 3 and up, The Center has a program for you!

Programs are offered by highly-trained, committed professionals; and, your wellness is always our goal. The Center is a place of hope, help, and healing – both of the spirit and mind.

Check out our program newsletter and calendar to see the wide range of services offered, always free of charge. Our programs are offered in the following areas: body image, education and networking, fitness and physical wellness, counseling and stress management, and nutrition. 


Wig Boutique • Hair Accessories • Breast Prosthetics • Cosmetic Workshops •  Counseling • Sexuality Programs • Networking Groups • Lending Library


Many women with cancer find themselves dealing with changes in their appearance as a result of their cancer treatment. We know that part of having cancer is becoming used to a “new” body, one that can be frustrating or unrecognizable.


It’s important to know The Center is here to offer advice and support to help you cope with these changes. Each location has a private wig fitting room to help with treatment-related hair loss. The Center’s dedicated wig boutiques are designed to give you a personalized experience. Our compassionate staff will work with you to find a great match for your style.

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Art Therapy • Meditation • Counseling • Guided Journaling •  Soundbath • Guided Relaxation

Stress and anxiety are correlated to overall wellness and healing. Counseling in private sessions or support groups can help you and your loved ones cope with emotional responses, manage stress, and find effective ways to communicate with family members and healthcare providers. Family, child, and couples counseling are also offered.

Other stress management programs include support groups for caregivers and those diagnosed with specific cancers, meditation, guided relaxation exercises, sound baths, journaling practices in our "writing to heal" program, and art therapy for all ages. 


Call to schedule a Personal Planning Session (PPS) with a counselor to create a program plan that is right for you.

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Yoga • Zumba • Movement Workshops • Reiki •

Fitness Consultation 

The Cancer Support Center offers a variety of physical activities that can reduce pain and inflammation caused by treatment side-effects. Reduce stress and anxiety through gentle activity and gain breathing techniques. Get in shape with other participants who might have similar cancer-related physical side effects.

Cancer and its treatment alter our bodies, often causing us to reduce our physical activity to avoid harming our bodies or causing increased pain. At The Cancer Support Center, we have specially designed programs that gently provide fitness and physical activities like yoga and Zumba that will ease your body back into shape as well as physical wellness opportunities like massage and reiki.

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Print Resource Library • Counseling •
Support Groups for Specific Cancers • Networking Groups • Family Activities & Outings

The Cancer Support Center has a resource library at each location to help you gain insight and information about cancer.  The Center provides an array of networking opportunities for you, whether you are a patient or a caregiver. In meeting other people who are on a similar path, you are able to gain a sense of comfort and companionship.

When you are first diagnosed and receive treatment options, the amount of information can be overwhelming and difficult to comprehend. The Cancer Support Center provides an array of educational workshops and networking opportunities for you, whether you are a patient or caregiver.


Cancer-Fighting Cooking • Juicing • Energy & Weight Management • Detoxification & Recovery • One-on-One Nutrition • Healthy Lifestyle Programs • Cooking Demonstrations • Cook Books & Print Recipes

The Cancer Support Center offers a range of nutritional information and training workshops to support wellness during and post-cancer treatment. Healthy eating is a key component for keeping your body strong and will lessen inflammation in survivors. Individual consults with a nutrition consultant provide guidance based on your specific cancer experience and recommendation for other special programs.

Learn about the most nutrient-dense and cancer-fighting foods and how to incorporate them into your life. Our nutrition classes offer the most current information and step-by-step strategies that will encourage an optimal diet.

Programs include step-by-step cancer-fighting cooking demonstrations in our kitchens at The Center and online, nutritious and delicious recipes, and nutrition panels on a variety of topics. 

"When my Dad got cancer, it was a weird feeling. I cannot really explain it. I try to keep happy thoughts when I am sad. Talking with Jason (my counselor at The Center) and seeing Champ (a therapy dog that volunteers at The Center) helps make me happy.” 
-Ian, Participant in our Children and Teen Programs

Children, Teen, & Family Programs

Parent or child individual therapy • Art Therapy • Family counseling • Family Fun Nights • Kids Camps

Child & Teen Groups & Workshops • Family Nutrition

When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, children, teens, and family members may experience anxiety, sadness, fear, and confusion. The Center is here to help minimize distress and create an environment for the family to relax and take comfort. The Family and Children program has the following options available to the parents, the children, or the family unit. 

For more information about our children and teen programs, view or download this flyer or email Kelly.

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