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Kick It Cancer

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Kick It Cancer's mission is to directly connect with community leaders and residents to provide access to care and ongoing support to anyone with cancer and promote early detection and prevention. 

Whom Does it Serve?

The Cancer Support Center gives strength, guidance, and support to anyone living with a cancer diagnosis, as well as to their loved ones. Our programs, resources, and services are always delivered by professional therapists, counselors, nutritionists, and experts in a warm, welcoming, and nurturing setting at no cost to participants.

Offering support to marginalized and low-income or underserved individuals in our surrounding communities is at the forefront of our most recent Strategic Plan. We have gathered prominent stakeholders and passionate individuals to come together and work towards reducing the mortality rate of cancer in these impacted areas.


What Is Kick It Cancer?

Kick It Cancer's mission was designed to reduce high mortality rates in underserved communities throughout South Chicagoland by providing increased access to care and ongoing support to anyone with cancer. Our vision and overarching goal are to increase breast and prostate cancer screenings within these communities through the promotion of early detection and prevention. With the support of our healthcare partners, local community leaders, and our neighbors, we strive to build healthy partnerships and collaboration that will enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve.



According to community assessments done by UCM-Ingalls and Franciscan Hospitals, cancer as the leading cause of death in the communities of Burnham, Hazel Crest, Posen, Riverdale, Chicago Heights, Ford Heights, Park Forest, and Lake County, Indiana respectively.  Breast and prostate are most prevalent. We recognize the impact that the healthcare system has on all marginalized communities, and we are charged to narrow the gap. We do this by providing more accessible resources, support, and community networks that will grow the number of screenings in these neighborhoods.


We do this by entrenching ourselves within these communities. We promote prevention, education, and screening access by making direct connections and networking with community leaders and residents. Anyone impacted by a cancer diagnosis will be offered individualized case management and supportive services at The Cancer Support Center. This ensures they are able to overcome any barriers to accessing proper long-term care, and as a result, reduce the mortality rates in underserved communities. As support heightens, this program will continue to expand to many more impacted communities in South Chicagoland.

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