Kick It Cancer

What is Kick It Cancer?

A new initiative at The Cancer Support Center, Kick It Cancer's mission is to make a direct connection with community leaders and residents to provide access to care and ongoing support to anyone with cancer and to promote early detection and prevention. 

Recent statistics from the University of Chicago Medicine - Ingalls Hospital showed cancer as the leading cause of death in the communities of Burnham, Hazel Crest, Posen, and Riverdale with breast and prostate cancer being most prevalent. The Cancer Support Center created this program to directly address healthcare disparities and barriers to care faced by the residents of these communities. Kick It Cancer provides increased access to resources, support, and community-led initiatives to these underserved areas.  

We do this by entrenching ourselves within these communities and partnering with area leaders and organizations through outreach and community engagement. We promote prevention, education, and screening access. Anyone impacted by a cancer diagnosis will be offered individualized case management and supportive services at The Cancer Support Center. This ensures participants are able to overcome barriers to proper care. Through an increased number of screenings, promotion of prevention strategies, and offering critical support services to anyone diagnosed with cancer, we can reduce mortality rates. We hope to extend this approach to many more impacted communities in Chicago's south suburbs & beyond! 

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Upcoming Health Fairs

The Cancer Support Center is gearing up for a number of in-person health fairs and screening events. Our first health fair will take place in Riverdale on Saturday, October 30 at the L.E.G.A.C.Y. Inc. Event Space at 14424 S. Wentworth in Riverdale. Mark your calendar now and scan the code on the left to register. Stay tuned and check back on this page to register. If you have any questions about the health fair or Kick It Cancer, contact Shamiah Byrd, Kick It Cancer Program Manager.